Business and Culture Coaching

Business and Culture Coaching

Culture Coaching for Expats

An expatriate, often abbreviated as expat, is a person who lives outside their native country or country of citizenship, typically for work or other reasons, on a temporary or permanent basis.

Working and living in a new cultural environment can be a tough challenge. Especially with things like cultural mentality or corporate culture differing from the values that we are used to. Targeted coaching can help ease the process of settling in and getting used to these new circumstances.

With years of personal experience as an expat myself, I know about the difficulties of coping with a new environment. This experience along with my training in this field allows me to provide guidance specifically tailored to expats and their family members, who are seeking to prepare for and accustom themselves to the new culture they are immersing into.

Options are:

  • preparatory online sessions ahead of the relocation (via Skype or email)
  • accompanying coaching during your expatriate employment
  • a combination of both options is certainly possible

Business Coaching for Professionals

For professionals experiencing major troubles or worries at work and tense/strained relationships to colleagues or between managers and their employees, I offer individual guidance on how to overcome these tensions with my solution focussed approach.

In such situations there is often nobody to confide in with whom we could openly talk about these things. We don’t want to be a burden on our family or friends. Situations like these are quite common and can be solved if approached the right way.


  • individual session – 50min – 120€
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